East Baptist Church

Online Giving

East Baptist Church is now on Tithe.ly – making it easier for you to give to your local congregation! Give online now to support the mission of East Baptist Church in Lynn and around the world!

If the button above is not working, try this link.

Tips to help your online donation go further…

Online donations include processing fees covered by the church. If you would like to help the church save on these processing fees, two simple ways are as follows:

  1. Give from your bank account rather than from a credit or debit card. The processing fees on credit or debit cards is 2.9% while the processing fees on gifts made from bank accounts is 1% plus a $0.30 transaction fee. To give with your bank account, choose “Bank Account” on the giving form.
  2. You can choose to cover the fee alongside your gift by pressing the “Cover Fees” button on the giving form. The entirety of your gift (including fees if you choose to cover them) is tax deductible.