East Baptist Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you linked to any particular denomination?

No. EBC is an independent baptist church. Therefore, although we are a baptist church by definition, we do not have official ties to any larger baptist denomination.

What is your Sunday worship service like?

Our model of Sunday worship is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. We enjoy the best that both can offer. This includes older hymns and songs accompanied by organ and piano and contemporary ones led by a full worship team. The choir also has a regular part to play in the service.

What is the Dress Code?
Simply come as you are. Many enjoy casual dress, while others like to wear their Sunday best. It’s up to you.

What Bible translation do you use?

Our pew Bibles are NIV and the message is generally taught using that version, yet there is a freedom to use any good translation.

How long is the whole service?

We start at 10:45 am and usually close about 12 noon. (12:15 pm on communion Sunday – the first Sunday of the month.)

Are you Evangelical?

Yes, we regard ourselves as Evangelical in teaching. For us, that means an emphasis on the Authority of the Bible for what we believe, which includes a living trust that the death of Jesus brings forgiveness for our sins with a new hope and power for the future. We also believe that it is possible to know and have assurance that we are accepted by God. (For more details, see our statement of faith.)

Is there an emphasis on evangelism?

Yes, we want to see people from our community come to share the faith we love. With an emphasis on sharing our faith naturally with neighbors, friends, and workmates, coupled with various events at church, we seek to let people discover the reality of new life in Christ.

What about the Sermon?

The message on Sunday is generally given by the Senior Pastor, Kevin Adams, and lasts around 30-35 minutes. The emphasis is an understanding of what the Bible itself teaches. This is done by regular teaching series on Bible books or themes. While each message stands by itself, regular attendees gain valuable overviews of key Bible teaching. Recent series have included Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians, Discovering the Real Jesus, and themes of renewal in the book of Zechariah. CDs of the service are available or you can listen to recent sermons here on our website!

Can I listen to a sermon before I visit?

Yes, our the previous week’s sermon is played on the radio every Sunday at 11:30am on station 89.3 FM. All sermons are uploaded to our website and can be streamed or downloaded at your convenience from www.eastbaptist.org/sermons/

Do I need to be a practicing Christian to attend?

Not at all. Our Sunday meetings are open to all and we value opportunities after the service to seek to answer any questions people might have concerning the faith.