East Baptist Church

EBC Kids & EBC Youth ReOpening Procedures

EBC Kids & EBC Youth

East Baptist Church / Lynn, MA

ReOpening Procedures (10/04/2020)

  1. Introduction
    1. The following will detail the plans for EBC Kids – the East Baptist Church children’s ministry for children ages 4 to 12 – to resume fellowship and worship activities on Sunday mornings during the Sunday service as well as the plans for EBC Youth  – the East Baptist Church student ministry for young people in grades 6 through 12 – to resume midweek fellowship and worship activities.
  2. EBC Kids & EBC Youth: Mission & Vision
    1. EBC Kids is all about God’s Kingdom Family. Jesus said that childlike faith is necessary for entrance into the Kingdom of God (Luke 18:17). For that reason, we invite students in, we play, we pray, we love each other, we study the Bible, and we carry the light of Jesus inside our hearts to the world. We achieve this through music, Scripture memory, social games, lesson-cementing crafts, and authentic care. 
    2. EBC Youth exists to usher young people into the family of God. We believe that – through Jesus – we have the ability to enter into the forever family of God and to discover both purpose and peace. That’s what we’re looking for at EBC Youth – family, purpose, and peace through Jesus. We achieve this through weekly meetings focused on faith through food, fellowship, and fun, and through incarnational and relational ministry throughout the week.
  3. Health, Safety, and Sanitization Measures
    1. Wipe down all tables, seating areas, and resources with disinfectant wipes after each use.
    2. Sanitizer available to all students.
    3. All students must wear masks (unless unable – in which case a signed doctor’s note is a required).
    4. All snacks and drinks will be prepackaged.
    5. Student’s temperatures will be taken as they enter the Fellowship Hall. If the student’s temperature is higher than 100.4 F, the parent will be alerted and the student will be required to return to the parent who will then be asked to return home.
    6. Students will be brought to the restroom individually and as needed by a volunteer or staff member (no group bathroom trips). The restroom will be sanitized by a staff member after each use.
    7. We will use church management software to check in all students and stay in contact with parents.
  4. Social Distancing Measures
    1. We will host no more than 25 students in the Fellowship Hall at one time. That is approximately 1 student per 100 square feet.
    2. For the worship & lesson time, students will have their own seating spaces designated on the floor with at least 6 feet of space around them in all directions. Students will be required to remain in those spots during that portion of the meeting unless using the restroom.
    3. During craft and snack time, 2 students will be assigned to a single 6-foot table with each student sitting at either end of the table to remain safely socially distanced from each other during that time.
    4. For EBC Kids: due to the need to socially distance and the shortened service time, there will be no designated game time until further notice. For EBC Youth: all games played will intentionally emphasize and maintain social distancing. 
    5. All resources will be individually packaged. Students will receive their own crayons, markers, and other resources that will be labeled as for that child only and not re-used by another. 
    6. Whenever possible, siblings will be kept together. 
  5. Planning Center: Check-Ins
    1. We will be implementing the use of the digital church management software Planning Center: Check-Ins this week. All students will have to be registered for EBC Kids or EBC Youth on our registration station before being able to take part in the ministry activities. 
      1. We will also have a paper registration form available for students/parents to write down the necessary information to be inputted into the Planning Center at a later date if that method is preferred.
  6. Staff & Volunteers
    1. Staff and volunteers will wear masks at all times and will remain socially distanced from students whenever possible.
    2. They will sanitize all resources before and after use and will follow best practices for health and safety in student programming as recommended by the CDC at all times.